Thursday, January 19, 2006

I Believe

Something happened to me about three years ago that dramatically altered my perception of spirituality.

In the Summer of 2003/2004 I had a dream. I was one of many prisoners that had been made captive on a tropical island somewhere outside Australia. We were on a beach and there was dense forest around us. I recall feeling utterly depressed about being a prisoner. I also distinctly recall looking at my surroundings and thinking that it was a beautiful place, but I did not want to explore it because I was a prisoner of it.

I mused upon this dream for many days, and came up with a little phrase that I hav since used in a piece of writing. The phrase is 'that which traps me, I do not wish to explore. That which grants me freedom I will return to evermore.'

I forgot about it after that. Until one evening in the Winter of 2004 when I was reading an autobiography called 'Straight Left' by Tom Uren. In one chapter Tom described his time as a POW in Burma during WW2. I was reading the chapter with mild interest, then he started to describe the island that he was detained on. At this point I experienced something akin to a de ja vous and I felt that I knew what he was going to say next. Then I got goosebumps. Sure enough, the very next line Tom described exactly what I had dreamed about earlier that year. He basically said (and I wish I had the direct quote) that he knew the island was a beautiful place, but while he was a prisoner of it he had no desire to explore it.

Upon reflection, I guess Tom's and my thoughts are not unique. I suppose most people would understand and agree. But it was just a really amazing experience, and one that I have never had before.

I believe!


At 3:03 AM, Blogger faucon of Sakin'el said...

and I thought you only wrote prose ;-)



Something happened to me …
that dramatically altered my perception of spirituality.
… one of many prisoners …
made captive …
feeling uterly depressed … disctinctly recall …
a beautiful place .. I did not wish to…
musing upon …

"that which traps me,
I do not wish to explore.
That which grants me freedom,
I will return to evermore?"

I suppose most people would understand and agree …
a really amazing experience,
one that I have never had before.

I believe!

At 4:23 AM, Blogger Imogen Crest said...

This is very interesting. There are different POV's about deja vu, which some people call a waking dream. I guess you can make up your own mind, but that is fairly accepted thought.

At 3:50 AM, Blogger Lois said...

Tom Urens autobiography is on order for me at the library,after a friend told me she had read it..I wanted to read it myself as when he was a very young man my Father Bert met him at the Trades Hall on something or other for the Labour Party...

Those were the days when the Labour Party was made up of REAL MEN like Tom and my Father Bert..
I often think that reading fact for me is better than reading stirs my imagination more....

Lois (muse of the Sea) 20.1.06

At 7:55 PM, Blogger Trendle Ellwood said...

Janie what you shared was so fun to read and the insight that you gained from it!

'that which traps me, I do not wish to explore. That which grants me freedom I will return to evermore.”
that is just too cool!
I think this was some amazing experience

I have dreams that come true, here is my latest.

I dreamed that I was entering a coffee café that I had never been in before but I liked it very much, it seemed like a good place to take friends.

I was going to the back of this café and into a room to demonstrate how to make Christmas wreaths. I was taking in all of my greens and material and setting up.

But I found that instead of a table I was having to set up on a waterbed! I was worried about prickling the waterbed with the Spuce.

A few weeks later a new lady sets up at market, she is bringing coffee from her Coffee Café which she recently opened up. We meet, she invites me to her place I go see it, it is just like in the dream, it smells the same, it looks the same, it is arranged the same. There is even the door that I went into the make my wreaths in my dream.

I tell her about my dream and she opens the door for me which in my dream lead me to a water bed. Funny, the door goes outside. But funnier still, in place of the waterbed there is a goldfish pond.
For weeks and weeks I pondered what that could mean.
Then, after a few months she invites me to bring my wreaths there to sell and I do. But things did not go well and it ended up not being worth it for me and I think the water in the dream that I was trying to make my wreaths on represented that the table that I would be working off of would be unsturdy, waving like the waterbed, unstable.


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