Tuesday, January 17, 2006


To reflect and muse on dreaming
is perhaps a contridiction of dilutions,
for dreams themselves may be scrying
of jumbled, jeweled memories and pools of tears.

The ancients drew from dreams …

dreams drift unto action's reality -- sad
from actions spring the dream again -- joy
to embrace this dance is the highest form of living

the scrolls of Eskiyalı

To embrace such dreams is to hear,
and touch and breath the goal of yeaning, balanced peace;
a way of gently exploring
what you can boldly do, and now ever be.

The trees know of this … and Winnie wrote:

"Dreaming deep, drinking earths eternal affirmation

Still they drop their seeds on winds of hope
Silently, sanguinely, awaiting three thousand more years
Dream on Redwood, gazing out into the river of time,
Dream on Sequoia, solid truth of the Breath of God"

Be one with a tree and find dreams --
accept their eternal roots in our Covenant
that allow us in sisterhood
to escape the bonds of only believing.

faucon 01/17/06


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